What makes Polfit different?


Two things distinguish us from typical therapy.

First, we use Polish methods that are renowned worldwide for making a big difference for children with special needs.

Second, our program is intensive - meaning a typical treatment plan will look like 5 hours per day, 5 days per week, over the course of 4 consecutive weeks.

Why? Intensive sessions helps your child reach their next milestone,

and not just a marginal improvement. Working every day helps build incrementally before the brain has a chance to begin unlearning.

If you've ever tried to learn to surf or snowboard you understand how this works. Practicing several consecutive days leads to much better results than if you were practice infrequently.


The Polfit Program consists of 3 METHODS


"UGUL" Therapy


Suit Therapy


"BWASS" Therapy

"UGUL" Therapy

This therapy strengthens and increases the range of motion in select muscles. This therapy is also used for warm-up and cool down sessions before and after other treatments.

Suit Therapy

The Therasuit applies resistive force to muscles and tendons through the use of elastic bands, similar to increased gravity or weights. Polfit trainers control the force applied to sepcific areas which helps your child build strength where they need it.

"BWASS" Therapy

Body Weight Assisted Therapy uses elastic cords to suspend and support the child vertically while still requiring your child's body to do some of the work. In this 'weightless environment' your child learns muscle positioning and control which develops balance and posture in their inner ear.

IMAG0314 (2).jpg
Our daughter with mild Cerebral Palsy went from walking in a walker to walking with crutches in 1 month!
— Lila's Parents
Zia Smile.jpg
Polfit has given Zia strength, control and flexibility when typical therapy didn’t know how to go about helping her. Polfit represents hope for our Zia!
— Ziah's Parents

Want to see what Polfit can do for your child?

Head Therapists


Papan Seth
Doctor of Chiropractic


Rafal Radzki
Certified CME Therapist


Staff Therapists

Anna Sobanski
Certified Suit Therapist

Bartosz Babij

Paulina Uchanska

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