Some comments by patients and their families after attending Polfit.

"After having attended the 4-week program several times, Luci looks forward to coming back every year. Her doctors and therapists back home consider the improvementsshe makes at Polfit the foundation on which the work the rest of the year will be based on. We are glad we disregarded the more traditionally-oriented advice we received before the results were visible. The strengthening and control after 25 hrs. cannot be achieved through conventional therapy. We definitely recommend Polfit to everyone suffering a motor disability. Having seen our daughter take her first independent steps during therapy is the strongest reason why we do so."

~ Guillermo and Maria R., Argentina


"The intensive therapy at Polfit is amazing! It actually gives hope where previously we had none. My son Aadel, is a quadriplegic and he loves exercising at Polfit. By the end of each session I see improvements in his daily living activities. This makes life happier and more enjoyable for him and the rest of the family. Thank you Polfit for letting me dream again for a better life for my son!"

~ Zoe L., California


"Polfit Wellness is a unique therapy experience that helps our kids reach their full potential."

~ A.N., Oregon

"I am so pleased with Wyatt’s progress. This is the only therapy that helped him gain strength in his trunk and legs."

~ Rona C., California


"Polfit is the answer every parent of a special needs child is dreaming of. We are so fortunate to have this amazing resource so close to home. We love you!"

~ Ivey, Eric, & Jack S., California


"I’ve had several intensive suit therapy programs since Euromed, but one have come close until I found Ralph, Ania, Magda & Kristy—the next best thing to Poland."

~ Tiffany’s mom, Florida


"Polfit provides an excellent intensive physiotherapy experience for my son, Ethan. The therapists are all well trained and caring, and assist in improving Ethan’s strength and coordination."

~ Alan K., Canada


"Sam walked alone with 2 canes for the first time ever! Sam looked forward to working out every day at Polfit."

~ Linda M., New York


"I was so happy to finally found something that truly helped our son, Cooper. After a month at Polfit, Cooper’s stubborn, abnormal reflexes disappear, he moves around more and his seizures diminish. Everyone at Polfit is so caring and Cooper loves them—he laughs when he hears their voices. He loves to go in the Spider and we can’t wait to get him back in there!"

~ Bridget S., California


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